5 Steps To Clean Your Grody Power Outlet

Sometimes, when you are cleaning, you don’t even think about your power outlets which can be slightly embarrassing after a while when they start to look grody.

It looks like you haven’t been cleaning them and the truth is you probably never thought about it. Imagine there are hidden bacteria in there that would prevent you from having a healthy house, no matter how hard you clean it. The most convincing part is that most of them are hidden behind the sofa but when it is in plain sight, like above the stove, things look sloppy and very unaesthetic. Not to mention the grease.

Regarding the outlets in the house, you can see that they are of two types: buried in the wall or out at the surface.

In case of a buried defected power outlet, in order to repair it, you should be done in the following way: first loosen the corresponding fuse painting of the respective power outlet, then loosen the screws securing the protective cover of the plug body; check that the ends of power supply terminals are well trapped under and in case it finds out any end or loosening the screws fixing the defect is remedied.

What You Need in order to get your house cleaner than ever with natural ingredients:

A mixture of baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice
Razor Blade (if you have excess caulking to remove) or a knife

There are some instructions you need to follow for your safety:

1. Shut your power off.

2. Remove the power plate cover. You can simply wipe this down the best you can with the prepared mixture.

3. Spray a little bit more of that mixture on a Q-tip and dab it on a paper towel so it’s not dripping. Then carefully wipe away the grease and muck. Much like your ear canal, don’t stick the Q-tip inside the socket.

4. If you have caulking or paint around the edges of your switch, gently and carefully scrape it away using a razor blade or the knife.

5. Replace the cover if it is necessary and you’re finished!

Be proud of how cleaner and healthier your house is now.

Image Credits: Power Outlet


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