5 Useful Ideas With Beer For House Cleaning

Beer, the most consumed alcoholic drink, is recommended to prevent certain health problems, but can also be used to clean the house.

The alcoholic beverage consumed worldwide is certainly beer. Although it is an alcoholic drink, it has several uses.

Since it contains no fat or cholesterol, it helps us maintain a healthy heart. If consumed in moderation, it can prevent blood clots. Also, it is recommended to those who have problems with blood pressure because it is rich in potassium and low in sodium.

Besides all this, though, it has uses in house and can be used to clean it.

Did you know that stains can be removed successfully with beer? As mineral water, it is acidified and it can remove fresh stains. All you have to do is rub with a soaked cloth in beer on affected areas, then rinse them with water to not let the smell to permeate.

If you often fight with stains formed on the kitchen sink, you can use beer. Soak some kitchen towels in beer; put them on the stained area and give it time for it to act. After a short time, rub lightly with a sponge and some beer and then rinse the sink. You might notice that the stains were gone.

Wooden furniture, after a certain period of time tends to lose its luster. On the market there are many products designed for this problem, but their price is high. Thus, with a low budget, you can change the look of your furniture, whether a wipe with a cloth soaked in beer.

If you have jewelry or ornaments of gold, you have to regain their shine and beer can help. Soak a soft cloth and rub against objects in beer. Afterwards, remember to wipe with a dry cloth.

Studies have shown that it is beneficial including for plants. Thus, it can be used as a replacement for fertilizers. It is recommended to add 3 tablespoons of beer in the soil of flowers, because they grow stronger. Meanwhile, plant leaves can be wiped off the dust with a soft cloth.


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