6 Steps To A Clean House

It’s time to get organized and put order into things.

1. To facilitate the work, it is very important a plan of attack, from which, if possible, do not deviate. Prior to action, take a tour of the house, inspecting every room, to get an idea what time should be allocated cleanliness. Ideally, you should start with surfaces at sight and let them in on the final hidden from view (drawers, closets, etc.). It is a very good strategy because the results appear immediately, you won’t have the impression that you work in vain.

2. Certainly, among the useful things, there are a lot of unnecessary load space objects. It would not hurt to sort them. Store only those absolutely necessary, and the rest put into large cardboard boxes labeled “Rubbish”, “The given”. If there are items on which linger too long, not knowing what to do with them, keep them until the next cleaning (maximum 35 days)! If you find untouched it is clear: you have to get rid of them.

3. Invoices and receipts are scattered all over the house? Collect them and put them in a folder in chronological order. Similarly proceed with the essential minutiae (keys, phone chargers, earphones, glasses, USB sticks), storing them as aesthetic, in a colorful box, a basket or on a metal tray. After you’ve collected together, put them on the hall table to be at hand. Bags, scarves, gloves and hats used frequently hang them in racks at the entrance!

4. Winter was installed – so it’s time to impose order in wardrobe. Put warm clothes on hand, and the ones for summer, neatly folded, place them on the top shelves, where their access is much difficult. Those that do not fit in the closet put them in a braided trunk or in boxes canvas / cardboard lid. Also separate clothes for the occasion usual and reserve them a portion of dressing. Sandals, ballet slippers and will sit very well in plastic bags. Store shoes in the closet or on the balcony (provided it is closed).

5. The drawers are ideal for storing clothing items less bulky (belts, socks, scarves, underwear, ties), but since you did not provide one for each category, the best solution is using a compartment for them as separators (found in stores). Thus, it will be easier to keep them as ordered.

6. Do not forget the accessories and makeup products. A hand-hanger can be ideal for hanging watches, bracelets or necklaces. Earrings, brooches and makeup store them in boxes colorful and sit them on the shelves. It will integrate seamlessly into the background, bringing extra space.


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