7 Methods To Use Starch In House Cleaning

Learn how to use cornstarch in house with these effective methods using only natural ingredients.

Most often, natural products have proven much more effective than those available in the market in terms of cleanliness. One such product is cornstarch: this is handy; it is not expensive and has many uses in the household.

Here are seven ways to use cornstarch.

1. Maintenance of the Carpet

Cornstarch can successfully replace the vinegar when it comes to carpet maintenance. To give them a pleasant and fresh smell, sprinkle some cornstarch on carpets and leave it for half an hour, after which it should be vacuumed.

2. Remove Ink stains from carpets

Ink stains have always been a problem; to remove them with little effort from the carpet, all you have to do is form a paste of starch and milk. The made pasta will be applied then to the affected area and it will be left for a few hours notice the difference. After this time, remove the grease and vacuum the carpet.

3. Cleaning walls

When it comes to stains on the wall, starch is the best. If it is applied directly to the stain, shortly after this, it will absorbs excess grease without a spread. If you have walls stained with grease, do not worry. You can get rid of traces, if you rub a little starch, using a cloth.

4. Mold Removal

Dampness is another problem that many people face. To get rid of it, perform a mixture of 30 g of starch, 15 g of salt, a tablespoon of grinded white soap and lemon juice. The paste is applied on the affected area, which previously has been moistened.

5. Stiffening

If you like to stiffen the laundry, mix two cups of water and a tablespoon of starch, until it eventually will dissolve. The solution should be applied using a container with sprayer.

6. Cleaning windows

In the case of windows, prepare a cleaning solution, stirring half cup of ammonia, half a cup of vinegar, two tablespoons of starch and three liters of warm water. This solution can be applied to windows with a sprayer.

7. Polishing silverware

Cutlery and silver items regains their luster if you clean them with a paste made of starch and water, then polish them with a damp cloth.

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