9 Simple Cleaning Tricks At Home That You Never Knew

As you tidy up the house, these simple tricks will help you to finish everything quickly.

Here are, then, 9 simple cleaning tricks at home that you never knew.

1. Dusting

Clean the fabric lampshade with a sticky lint roller. It can be easy to use and the result is above expectations. Start cleaning from the top of the lampshade to the base so that dust does not settle in place when is already cleaned.

2. Windows and mirrors

Use old newspapers to clean windows and mirrors. Not only you have an excellent tool for removing dirt but at the same time, you recycle.

Vinegar is an inexpensive product to clean which also can be used to clean windows and mirrors.

3. Cleaning the microwave

Put a cup of water in the oven and let it boil. Steam will help soften dry debris. In this way, it will be easier to remove. Make sure you start cleaning the upper oven.

4. Cleaning the toilet bowl

Put in the toilet a cleaning solution while you clean the bowl from outside. The inside dirt and stains will get soaked and therefore they will be easier to remove.

5. Cleaning the fridge

Quickly clean the dirt and get rid of spoiled food in the refrigerator every morning. It only takes a few minutes, so you will have more space that you will clean easier. Use baking soda as it easily eliminates unpleasant odors without affecting the internal surfaces.

6. Cleaning the oven

One evening when you go out, spray a few puffs in the oven for self-cleaning. Then after dinner, or the next day, if the stains are still not soaked, you’ll be able to easily remove dirt and grease from the oven.

7. Dirty clothes

Everyone in the house should be responsible for washing, drying and arranging them in the closet.

8. Dirty dishes

The person responsible for washing dishes should be allowed to choose dessert. When you start cooking, clean each item immediately after each use. In addition, foods that are in plates will not have time to harden, which means you will not fill the sink.

9. Make order

Find a place to donate objects in the house that you no longer need. In this way you kill two birds with one stone: get rid of a crowded house, which means time saved when you have to order, and two give a helping hand to those who are in need.

Image Credits: Heavy Duty sponge for cleaning


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