Cleaning Mistakes You Do In The Bathroom

In the entire process of cleaning the bathroom there are a few mistakes that each person made at least once. If you want to always have a clean bathroom, find out what you should avoid.

Cleaning the bathroom mirror is always a burden; surely it happened at least once to have the impression that no matter how much you insist, you will not be able to get a perfectly clean mirror.

When cleaning mirrors, most people accustomed to wipe it in a circular motion, which turns out to be actually wrong, because by this move, dust and lint is resubmission, thus there are remaining traces. To get the best results, remove the mirror from the top down, making moves to form the letter S. While you used to use paper towels, give up this habit and replace them with a microfiber cloth, lint-free.

The cleaner for glass or mirror surfaces is applied directly to the cloth, not the mirror. Applying on the mirror, you risk the fluid to seep behind the silver layer and, thus, it will form black areas. If you do not want to use commerce solutions, you can use water, applying it, of course, directly on the cloth.

Another common mistake in cleaning the bath is heated towel rail. When you use a towel, it is very important how you let it to dry. First, the towel should be perfectly stretched and not hooked, so as to ventilate and to dry better as well. Also, do not overlap several towels on the same hanger, as it will form bacteria and towels will get a bad odor.

After you clean the toilet, do not put the brush immediately in its container after you’re done. Moisture leads to bacterial growth; to avoid this, let the brush to dry for 10 minutes, after which you can place in its container.

Regarding the shower glass, you should cease to rub traces of soap every week. To keep the bottle in a perfect shape, it is sufficient that every three months to apply a treatment for glass that prevents water and stains formation.


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