Cleaning the Shower in 5 Easy Steps

First, Clear Out the Clutter

I recommend removing everything from the shower area before you begin cleaning. This includes all shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap bars, razors, shower caddy, and anything else you store there.

While you are doing this, be sure to toss old razors, empty bottles, extremely old products and whatnots in the trash. Less mess = more effective cleaning!

Spray the Walls & Clean the Drain

Turn the shower on to rinse any loose dirt or hair into the drain hair stopper then empty that out. This is the perfect time to be sure the drain is flowing properly.

If it seems to be draining slower than it should, make a note to pick up some drain cleaner next time you’re shopping or try my homemade solution to dislodge gunk and get it flowing nicely again.

Drain Cleaner Recipe

Turn the faucet on and run hot water down the drain.
Pour 1/ 2 cup baking soda down the drain.
Then pour in 1 cup white vinegar.
Pouring the vinegar onto the baking soda will cause the mixture to foam out over the drain. Cover with a rag to keep it from spilling out.

Let sit for 15 minutes.
Follow with about 4 cups boiling water and pour down the drain.

Give the Shower and Tub a Good Scrubbing

Using one of the homemade cleaning solutions we mention above, start scrubbing the shower clean.

Shine the Chrome

Don’t forget to clean the faucet and handles. Wiping them down and then drying them with a cloth will make them shine like brand new.

Wash the Shower Curtains

Don’t forget to clean the shower curtain liner as well. Cleaning this on a regular basis will enable you to use it longer. Occasionally though, you will want to wash the liner along with the shower curtain.

Simply put them in the washing machine when you wash a load of towels. Add 1 cup white vinegar to the regular laundry detergent and wash on a cool/warm setting.

I place my shower curtain liner in the dryer, with the rest of the load, for just a few minutes to give it a quick dry so I don’t have to carry it back to the bathroom dripping wet.



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