How To Eliminate Odors Inside The Fridge! 4 Practical And Natural Solutions

Even if you very carefully embody your food when you want to store it in the fridge, sometimes unpleasant odors cannot be avoided. Putting coffee in the refrigerator can help you eliminate them though!

However, here are four practical and natural solutions that will help you even more:

1. Coffee

Freshly ground coffee can successfully remove odors from the refrigerator. It is very important not to buy coffee already ground but to opt for coffee beans that you will mince later. Put the result in a small bowl and leave it uncovered in the refrigerator.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is both a good disinfectant and a means by which you can eliminate odors caused by polluted food in your fridge or some food strongly scented. Put several small pots with undiluted vinegar and distribute them balanced on the shelves.

3. Baking soda

It is the cheapest method by which you can get rid of odors in the refrigerator. Put it in a small pot, but with the widest mouth and change it every week!

4. Lemon

Lemon has the ability to absorb odors, so choose a refrigerator when you create such a nuisance! You can choose both lemon juice placed in an open container, but also for a cut lemon on which to distribute the refrigerator shelves.

To avoid getting into this situation, we also recommend the following:

– Take care to pack food well before placing them in the refrigerator

– Use special bags or tightly closed containers

– Put lids on all food bowls

– Check occasionally easier altered products

– Disinfect your refrigerator once a month using a cloth and special products or ingredients that can be found in the house (vinegar and water or sodium bicarbonate, for example)

– Take advantage of the moments when you’re gone for longer and defrost the refrigerator leaving the door open until you come back.


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