How to Properly Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

I’ve received compliments on how beautiful my crystal chandelier is and people have asked me what my secret is.

Let me tell you: there is no secret. The only thing I am guilty of is cleaning my chandelier regularly-and you can tell because of how brilliantly light is reflected off of the crystals.

After all, there isn’t anything more beautiful than a sparkling, clean, crystal chandelier. So, if you are the owner of an authentic crystal chandelier, it is important to know the proper cleaning methods so you can keep it looking beautiful and elegant for years to come.

Guidelines and Precautions:

The most important thing to remember when you are cleaning your chandelier is to treat it gently! Crystals can be scratched and damaged easily if not handled properly and the chandelier frame can be ruined if you aren’t careful.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when cleaning your chandelier:

– Turn the light off before you remove light bulbs and crystals.
– Always use soft, cotton cloths. Paper towels and disposable dusting cloths can scratch crystal.
– Never spray vinegar directly on the chandelier – you can damage the finish of the frame and leave marks on the crystal.

Steps for Cleaning your Crystal Chandelier:

If your chandelier has been neglected, you should start with a complete cleaning where you take down the crystals.

Otherwise, you’ll need a step stool or ladder that will allow comfortable access to all crystals.

– First, turn off the light, take out any light bulbs and then set them aside.
– Climb up the ladder or step stool and have a bottle of glass cleaner and a pair of soft, cotton gloves handy. I wear an apron when cleaning my chandelier because I can put all my supplies in the pockets for easy to access.
– Spray the water and vinegar mixture on one of your gloves (not the chandelier).
– Then, starting from the top and working your way to the bottom, carefully wipe each crystal with the sprayed glove and then immediately dry the crystal with your clean glove. The idea is to keep one glove lightly sprayed and the other one dry. It’s a good idea to have more than one pair handy if you have a lot of crystals.
– Clean the frame and metal links only with a dry glove. Cleaning solutions can strip the finish.
– Once you’re done with the frame, wipe down the light bulbs with a slightly damp cloth or replace them.
– Turn on the lights and enjoy your chandelier’s crystal clean shine!

Image Credits: Lampadari


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