How To Properly Clean Your Winter Boots

Salt, sand and antifreeze solutions were thrown on the streets to remove glazed frost but these also ruin your winter boots almost every year. Weather we talk about the material it is made, be it about leather, suede or fabric, they will deteriorate unless you know how to protect them. Here’s what to do to not buy your boots every other year.

Winter boots are cleaned and maintained according to the material they are made of.

Use an eraser for suede

If you catch the rain or snow on your suede boots, they should be cleaned as soon as possible. If not, dirt will penetrate the material and, no matter how well will be cleaned after, it will remain tarnished.

Suede shoes can be wiped off of mud but only after it dried. If not, you’ll spread dirt on the surface and deeper into the material.

Thick layers of dirt are removed with a harder brush and the remaining stain should be rubbed gently with an eraser.

Wash fabric in a washing machine

Winter boots fabric can be washed in a washing machine at a short program and a low temperature. Do not add detergent! After completing the cycle, operate the centrifuge.

Thus, shoes will be very well drained of water and can dry more easily. Then, wet boots are removed from the tank and allow drying at least one day under the radiator.

Do not wash the skin with running water

Boots of leather is cleaned of dirt with a soft, clean cloth. Do not put winter boots under running water because you risk damaging the material.

Continue the same operation with another dry cloth reverting. Dry the shoes, and then give them a sheen using shoe polish, body cleansing or milk.

How to remove white traces left by snow?

The white stripes left by moisture, salt and antifreeze solutions that are scattered on streets and sidewalks may affect irreparably shoes. If you’ve stained your winter boots, they must be cleaned very quickly.

Use clean cotton and a solution of white vinegar and warm water. After you have removed the layer of mud or dust, gently rub the affected area with vinegar and then dry the boots as well. Careful! Do not put your shoes to dry on the radiator, over the stove or near other heat sources!

The sand thrown on the streets scratched your winter boots’ skin

With the arrival of snow and ice, sanitation companies or employees threw in the streets with salt, sand and other solutions frost. If you pass through an area where sand was thrown, it is possible that your boots will scratch its nose and the area above the sole.

Do you walk through the snow? You will deform your boots!

If you go through high snow, your boots will deform over time. Because you do not keep the right balance, footwear might lose shape.

Learn to wash your UGG boots!

UGG boots get dirty very quickly, especially if you have light colors. What to do? Under no circumstances try to clean fresh mud stains with a damp cloth! You’ll only reach out more dirt. Expect the dirt to dry and then clean it with a brush.

Once you have removed mud and dust, you can delete UGG’s with a clean, damp cloth. You will see that any remaining spot will go.

For in-depth removal of dust, vacuum boots using brush dust vacuum cleaner.

Another method for cleaning the UGG boots is to put them in the washing machine at a short program and a low temperature. Do not put detergent!

Image Credits: Snow on wellies by back door


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