Successfully Remove Stains From Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture, although it is easy to maintain, it can suffer over time. Here are some ways to remove stains from furniture.

Certainly, wood furniture is the most popular worldwide, but, often, accidents may occur. Depending on their nature, the furniture will be applied to different treatments. Whatever of the type stains, before removing them, you should make sure to turn to the methods that will not destroy the furniture, trying respective solutions on an area less visible furniture.

Ink stains

If the furniture was stained with ink, it must be removed quickly. In this case, you need to remove the affected area and clean it with a cream that has in its composition wax. If the stain has not disappeared, a solution made from oil and dust cleaning dishes. Another option is to mix some warm water and oxalic acid, which you should apply on the stain until it is gone.

Stuck paper

Without realizing it, some paper was stuck to your wooden furniture? In this case, you have to apply some baby oil; leave it for a few minutes to soften the glued paper, and then rub the affected area with a dry cloth.

Alcohol stains

To remove stains of alcohol, wipe the surface immediately with a dry cloth. Afterward, apply a cleaning solution on the stain metal, having, however, care to its concentration.


To restore shine to the furniture, it is advisable to apply on a regular basis, some solution of two tablespoons each of vinegar, turpentine and methyl alcohol and a tablespoon of linseed oil. Soak a clean dry rag into the mix and, with it, wipe the furniture.


This type of stains must be removed as soon as possible after they have occurred, risking otherwise to be unable to remove. A first method is to apply fresh stain on an ice cube that will solidify the grease. Black tea is also good at removing stains formed on furniture. After you clear the surface with a cloth soaked in black tea, try applying a special solution for furniture.

Burning stains

Burn marks on wood furniture can be removed by wiping with a solution for cleaning metal and applying then a mixture of salt and vegetable oil. After the mixture was allowed a few hours, the affected areas will wipe with a clean cloth.


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