The Dirtiest Places in Your Home And How To Maintain Them Environmentally Safe

What do you think are the dirtiest places in the house? The trash, entrance mat, mop and bucket for washing the floor? Yes and no!

Specialized tests proved otherwise. Here are the dirtiest places in the home.

Bath towels
The rule says that each must use his towel, they must be changed every two days, as used towels should be washed at least 40 degrees with natural solutions and dry outdoors in the sun if possible.

It is one of the dirtiest places in the home. Ideally, your refrigerator should be cleaned in interior with an antibacterial solution or with soap and water every week. The recesses for eggs, vegetable box, shelf collections of microbes have on them. You must know that low temperature does not kill bacteria, and the most ideal are fridge with silver air filter which maintain a clean atmosphere in the refrigerator.

Sponges in the bathroom and shower glove enter the top dirtiest places in the home. Here lies a whole “menagerie”. Wash sponges with hot soapy water. A concentrated solution of water and chlorine is effective from time to time to clean them is required.

Not only have you shared the bed with your spouse but also with thousands of other young souls, more or less aggressive. Solutions: to use natural linen fabric, to vacuum the mattress every week and if you can leave the laundry to air every day or at least very well ventilate the bedroom every day, be it winter or summer. In addition lightness change sheets every week and wash with warm water!

Children’s toys
There are many reasons for proper microbes grow on toys. From hands hold dirty scraps of food, saliva and secretions. Wash the toys in the washing machine. Flick the ones that you cannot wash and leave them in the sun. Clean with soap and water or disinfectant wipes toys that cannot be washed.


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