When And How The Aquarium Water Change And How Do We Clean It?

Besides the multitudes of designs and sophisticated decorations for aquariums, there are as many utensils and appliances that help us to care for them and keep them clean. A true lover of fish should have all the tools and the necessary elements such as vacuum cleaner for aquariums, blade, natural solution to clean the walls of the tank, vacuum substrate, buckets, heater with thermostat, filter, pump, lighting and an aquarium lower transition (for when constantly changing the water in the tank).

When and how the aquarium water change and how do we clean it?

Perhaps not everyone knows, but the aquarium water with fish should never be totally changed because this changing it is altering the climate with which they are accustomed and you risk stressing them too much.

In general, we should be emptying it only about a quarter of aquarium water (between 10% and 20% by weight) once a week.

Remove decorative objects, move the fish in the aquarium transition (that you previously filled with water from the aquarium), then with a hose you will remove some of the water in the prepared buckets.

Using a vacuum cleaner, remove all dirt deposited on the bottom of the aquarium, then you should wash the interior walls with a clean cloth, which you dip in a natural solution. This solution should consist of a mixture made of water and vinegar. The decorations should be washed with cold water without chemicals.

For areas in which there is more dirt, you can use a little ammonia, which you’ll leave it for about two hours, then wash with cold water. Also, a special blade helps to remove the deposited dirt.

Notice that the filter is cleaned just before putting the fish back into the aquarium.

Maintaining as clean as possible of the water during the week is done using special pumps and filters, depending on the size of your aquarium.

Image Credits: Pet Fish Care for Beginners


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