You Don’t Know How To Clean Your Freshly Bought Carpet? Read Our Guide To Have No Misunderstanding When It Comes To Maintenance!

Read our guide to have no misunderstanding when it comes to maintenance!

Maintenance depending on the material of the carpet

When cleaning, is important to be aware of the material the carpet is made mainly, as this has a major influence on the method of cleaning and treatment.

Carpets made of synthetic materials: mats made from materials based on polypropylene and/or polyester require a short time until the yarns of carpet start to cluster. At the threads of synthetic material, this process takes about 2-3 weeks. At first, some threads may fall, but this phenomenon is not a defect in the carpet but occurs because of cuts during the manufacturing process. There will fall only very small yarns, cut during trimming. During this period you should avoid using the vacuum cleaner, but after a while, you can use it peacefully. Also, maintenance can be made of foam carpet cleaning with neutral or spray chemical action against stains.

Carpets made of natural materials (wool): Cleaning with a vacuum the carpets made of natural materials is not allowed only after 3 months because the thread of wool consists of many primary yarns and the process of their integration in the last node. For example, wool carpets, hair breakage, and primary yarns can take up to six months. To accelerate this process, it is advisable to walk as much on the carpet.

When you begin to clean it with the vacuum, set it to the lowest power stage. For maintenance, we recommend dry foam. If you want to clean it with water, do not use an abundant jet and choose a period of dry weather, sunny, because wool has a high absorption capacity. Cleaning agent should be acting with neutral chemical and warm water.

Cleaning and vacuuming

The new rug will last longer and will look nicer if cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Aspiration can prevent infiltration of dirt from the carpet surface between yarns because they can accumulate and in time they will lead to a worn out surface. For regular maintenance of the carpet, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner with a classical nozzle. We recommend to vacuum carpets of synthetic material and the natural materials in the direction of the yarns, such as their surface does not wear out as hard and you remove more dust.

Protect it of bright sunlight and strong mechanical shock. It may be damaged if you pull the furniture on its surface, or in hard rolls with burrs. Protect the carpet and siphoning or such effect caused by opening the door. To ensure an even wear, I would like to recommend that sometimes after cleaning, to return the carpet in a different position.

Stains removal

If the rugs are stained or spilled with liquid, the basic rule is that you must act quickly, do not let the stain to dry. Absorb spill with a clean, white or absorbent paper. Do not rub it, since this only increase the stain. After you have absorbed the liquid stain, try to remove it with carpet cleaning solution, starting from the edges of the stain towards the center, using a dry cloth.

Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy your carpet for a long time, keeping long look nice!

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